16 Februari 2018 Jl. Suci No 75, Ciracas, Jakarta Timur
Job Details
  • Usia maksimal 28 tahun
  • Fresh Graduate / Pengalaman sebagai Marketing
  • Mempunyai pengalaman menangani event atau tergabung dalam event organizer
  • Bersedia melakukan perjalanan dinas (mobile)
  • Mempunyai SIM A
  • Komunikatif
  • Penempatan : MEDAN
  • Melaksanakan kegiatan program promosi yang dibutuhkan di areanya untuk mencapai target penjualan area.
  • Memberikan informasi kondisi market di area yang menjadi tanggung jawabnya untuk mengetahui kekuatan pasar produk-produk perusahaan maupun kompetitor.
  • Mengukur dan mengevaluasi kinerja tim promosi di areanya untuk memastikan dan mengoptimalkan kelancaran program promosi.
Company Description

PT Fastrata Buana was established in 1992 in Jakarta.  Fastrata Buana handles the sales and distribution of Kapal Api Group’s products to ensure delivery to the customers.
Currently, Fastrata Buana is the biggest distribution company in Indonesia with branches and distribution points in Sumatera, Java, Bali, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and even Papua.  Fastrata Buana supports 400 thousand direct coverage outlets with the capability of reaching all parts of Indonesia.
To rapidly improve the service and distribution to all parts of Indonesia, Fastrata Buana gradually expands its existing branch locations by building new branches or agencies to fulfill the consumer’s demands in regions with potential future market potential.
Fastrata Buana has warehouse facilities with high capacity storage which are equipped with a sophisticated inventory management system to ensure that the products are always ready and available in the market.
As one of the most important parts of a distribution company, Fastrata Buana’s fleet includes thousands of large, medium, and small capacity vehicles to ensure the products are well distributed to all levels—from wholesalers, semi-wholesalers, to retailers—in all regions of Indonesia.
Fastrata is a professionally operated business equipped with reliable and skilled people with high integrity.  In addition, it is supported by the latest cutting-edge information technology ensuring on-line, real-time and comprehensive information access so that all distribution and sales data can be used by business partners (principals) to make decisions quickly and accurately.